Cabrillo College

Cabrillo College - Breakthroughs Happen Here

Cabrillo College is a leading California community college serving Santa Cruz County with locations in Aptos, Scotts Valley and Watsonville. It is ranked #1 in transfers to UC Santa Cruz. Founded in 1959, the college offers more than 100 academic and career technical education programs that serve multiple educational goals such as A.A. and A.S. degrees, certificates of achievement, skills certificates, transfer to 4-year institutions or for lifelong learning and personal enrichment. Cabrillo College is a dynamic, diverse and responsive educational community that is dedicated to helping all students achieve their academic, career, and personal development goals.

We Employ:


    Adjunct and Full-Time Instructors (CIS and STEM Disciplines)


    Information Systems Analysts, Lab Coordinators and Technicians, Helpdesk Support Technicians, Computer Systems Maintenance Technicians


    Network Administrators, Systems Administrators, Telecom Administrators, Database Administrators